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Company Profile

Education Laboratory Equipment



PT. Pameterindo Edukatama Aneka, is a private company which is established according to the law and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia, located in Jakarta and involve in a business which concentrates in two independent units:

> Division 1 – Educational Laboratory Equipment
> Division 2 – Projects: Water Supply Equipment & Installation
> Division 3 – Flow Control and Intrumentation

Educational Laboratory Equipment

We provide a solution to the needs for an integrated educational laboratory equipments which ranges from pre-school to senior high school, even for schools for the disabled. Our product and services are proven to be the most reliable in Indonesia.

We are consistent in giving the best services to all our clients, whether project-based or private sectors, big or small. Our Clients are our most valuable assets thus we are always ready to giving the best services anytime anywhere.

Water Supply Installation

Division II Pamduta is one division under the Management of PT. Pameterindo Edukatama Aneka engaged in Clean/Drinking Water focusing on to handle Construction Job and Procurement of Goods (minus water meters), both for the government and private sector

Water Supply Equipment

Focuses on clean and waste water piping system, water meter and a high-accuracy meter reading technology. All data collected from these highly accurate readings will be able to be analyzed thus providing reliable information to control flow at the connection points for housing, offices, water treatment, industries and irigation.

All required information on piping installation and meter reading technology can be found in our website under ‘Product & Services’ page.

Vission and Mission

To be a trusted, reliable and profitable business partner in the education and clean water business nationaly.

I. To provide products and services with a reliable quality and productivity, such as:
A. Supply and constructions/installations of clean water system:
1. Supply :
1.1 Pipes (Steel Pipe, PVC, PE, PPR)
1.2 Fittings & Couplings
1.3 Valves
1.4 Water Meter
1.5 Miscellaneous Steel Products
2. Construction :
2.1 Water Pump Installation
2.2 Clean Water Treatment Installation
2.3 Ground Water Absorption Installation
2.4 Water Distribution Piping Installation
2.5 Housing Water Connections
B. National Educational Equipments
1. Language Laboratory
2. Computer Laboratory
3. Science Laboratory(Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Mechanics)
4. Skill and Technical Laboratory (SMK, STM)
II. Provide value-added products and services as well as improving sales capability with a competitive price
and on-time delivery.
III. Establish a strong commitment in our business operations with positive values, professionalism and
IV.Focus on a healthy, safe and comfortable working enviroment as well as employee welfare and
maintaining customers’ satisfaction.
V. Building a positive image and increase share holders’ investments.

Commitment Value

Quality is the most important factor which provides guaranteed satisfaction to the customers, company’s confidence and stability to the global marketplace and business environments.
On time delivery to fulfill customers request reflects our responsibility and contribution to maintaining customer’s satisfaction and operational efficiency.
Competitive Price
Maintain price stability and competency to sinergize quality and economic values to our products.

Brief History

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