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Water Meter Systems





M-Bus (Meter Bus) is a European standard for remote reading of water, energy and various other meters. The meter data is converted into a protocol and read from a central point. The Meter data can then be exported in various formats. see the Sensus Metering Systems ESAAP with M-Bus

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MiniCom 3 is a software tool for setting the parameters of utility meters made by SENSUS METERING SYSTEMS. The program is not designed for other manufacturers' meters.

MiniCom 3 enables the user to set his spesific parameters, such as meter address, meterID, customer location, system date and time, tariff parameters. This is done through communication interface (MBus terminal, inductive interface, and optical interface).

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Xenon GSM

The internet based server with interface to billing systems as well as complete solutions including GSM cards can be supplied by our cooperation partner WIKON

Xenon is compatible to any Sensus Meter with MiniBus. Therefore utmost data security can be guaranteed. Connection of 2 meters maximum

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