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Water Meter Systems




CDL Data Logger
Data storage for reticulation network systems
Recording of analogue values (pressure) and flow simultaneously
Up to 4 sensors may be connected simultaneously (CDL-4U)
Inputs may be used for either digital or analogue sensing devices
3 independent memories (day, hour and events)
Positive and negative data logging
LC-Display for current values; switchable by reed switch
Alarm contact and compact design
Battery powered (independent of the main power supply)
Separate battery enclosure for better standard cells LR 6

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CDL Data Logger Datasheet
User manual
CDL-B Data-Logger
for level measurement
The CDL Data-Logger for level measurement (CDL-B) is specially designed for measuring and logging water levels and depths. Mains power is not required for measurement.
Long term recording of up to 2 years
Logger is located in the borehole
Can be installed in boreholes as small as 2" diameter
Various sensors are available
Battery powered (Standard batteries)
Compatible with CDLWin software
Data logger and level sensor can be inserted separately.

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CDL-B Data-Logger Datasheet
Cellular read-out of CDL Data-Logger
The CDL GSM-Modem permits wireless interrogation of the CDL Data-Logger. The modem functions in a similar fashion to a mobile telephone.
The modem is powered by a built in battery, which allows for extended operating intervals without an external power source. It can be charged by an external power source. Power can also be supplied from mains or solar panels.
The interrogation can be done automatically in intervals. Using an external power source continuous operation with permanent interrogation is possible.
An optional SMS alarm message can be sent when the data logger exceeds certain limit values.

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CDL GSM-Modem Datasheet
User Manual
CDL Accessory
Evaluation Software CDLWin
CDL-Pressure Sensors
User Manual
CDL-Level Sensor
User Manual
CDL-Current Interface
User Manual
CDL-Temperature Interface
User Manual
CDL/PC-Connection Cable
CDL-Replacement Battery for CDL/ALU
CDL-Main Supply Unit 230/115 V AC
CDL/Modem-Connection Cable
Battery Modem

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CDL Accessory Datasheet
Pulse Unit Opto OD 07-L/OP
High resolution pulser for CDL Data-Loggers
Very low power consumption
Powered by logger battery

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Pulse Unit Opto OD 07-L/OP Datasheet
User Manual

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