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Water Meter Systems




PolluStat E
Ultrasonic Energy Meter
Accredited to EN 1434 Class 2 (Turndown ratio 1:200)
No moving parts in the flow meter
Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
Available in all sizes for flow rates from qp 0.6 to 60
Removable totaliser
Can be operated constantly at double the qp flow rate with no damage
Flow meter made completely of metal
Robust stainless steel signal converter housing
Greater temperature range from 5 to 130 C (short period overload to 150 C). Also suitable for so-called "6 C / 12 C refrigeration plants" with water as the refrigerant medium.
Not sensitive to dirt in the pipeline due to very high ultrasonic signal strength.
Generously dimensioned terminal connection box
Four or two wire temperature sensor compatible
Two expansion slots for optional modules. Optional modules can be fitted without damaging the verification seal.
Standard Mini-Bus port (for external Automatic Meter Reading)
Customisable display options
Tariff functions for future tariff tables
NOWA - capable
Innovative design of the flow meter and signal converter makes servicing and reconditioning easy on expiry of the verification period

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PolluStat E Ultrasonic Energy Meter Datasheet
User manual

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