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Water Meter Systems




Wire Readout System M-Bus
Remote Reading via wire and telephone line
M-Bus Digital Master
Signal processor controlled M-Bus level converter for 3, 20, 60, 120 or 250 terminals
Modular design
Echo suppression and collision detection with break-signalling
Display for data transmission, maximum Bus power and power overload
Service- and Modem interface

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Software DOKOM CS
Automated Meter Reading Software
Software custom designed to read resource meters i.e. water and energy meters (gas, electricity, heat) through an M-Bus network, telephone lines and/or radio
Mobile (on site inductive or IR reading systems) may also be integrated. The software is also compatible with GSM, power line and internet transmission methods
The detection and reading of all meters connected to the system is automated

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Software DOKOM CS Datasheet
User Manual

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