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Sistem Meter Air




FM-1 D/K
Simple key input calibration
Wall mounted or clipped onto a top hat rail acc. to EN 50022
Accommodates a wide range of pulser inputs
Pulse output through relay
Current output ranges 0 or 4 ... 20 mA
Reverse flow identification
Set up of input and output pulse values
Test mode
Data retention in case of power failure by non-volatile memory

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User Manual
FM-2 D/K
Two freely programmable pulse outputs with flow direction processing
Variable pulse provider types connectable
Current output freely scaleable and separated for forward ond reverse flow
Output for current type with direction identification (-20 mA ... +20 mA)
Separate relay outputs for forward and reverse volumes
2 Opto-coupler outputs used for pulses and direction signals or limit value 1 and limit value 2
Pulse divisor for pulse output, adjustable Integrated LC-Display for the display of volume, momentary flowrate and programming data
M-Bus/Minibus-Data connection for reading of instant values
Programmed data is retained after power failure
Galvanic isolation from supply, entry and output
Programmable on site by 5 buttons
Test mode as installation help
Housing equipped for wall or top hat railing

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FM-2 D/K Datasheet
User Manual

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